• 100% genuine carbon fiber
  • UV400 and polarized lenses
  • Better comfort and durability
  • Worldwide shipping


Stand out from the crowd with elegant design and seriously cool looking carbon fiber

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Our carbon fiber collection

VINZERS collection of exclusive carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

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Premium Materials

Only selecting the materials that add up to quality and a long lasting end product. Carbon fiber is the perfect match because of its major advantages.

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VINZERS sunglasses are made from carbon fibre. This premium material adds up to quality and a long lasting product. The perfect match. Take a look!

Polarized lenses

VINZERS’ vision is to truly redefine vision. UV400 protection was not enough and therefore polarized lenses are a standard on all VINZERS sunglasses. Polarized lenses help you see objects more clearly, but also help reduce the harmful effects of UV light. Giving the best-protected vision you can possibly get!

Crafted to perfection

Nothing goes unnoticed when it’s build and crafted by professionals. Make no mistake; VINZERS’ stylish design is not only trendy but also serves a deeper technical purpose that upon wearing will immediately satisfy the wearer.

Our carbon fibre eyewear is exclusive and gives you the protection that you need. Check out the VINZERS sunglasses now online and purchase yours.

Make it your own!

Who says you can’t have it your way? Choose from various lens colors and carbon fiber finishes. You decide how your VINZERS should look like!

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