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  • UV400 and polarized certified lenses
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Exclusively available online, already represented by numerous social media legends. VINZERS is bringing carbon fiber to fashion.

Why carbon fiber?

Ultimate Strength

A material used in jets and sports car. Carbon fiber is a strong, flexible, and light synthetic fiber. Thousands of carbon crystals are woven, bonded, and molded together in order to get a remarkable weight-to-strength-and-volume ratio. The result is a material that is over 5 times stronger than steel, even for something as small as sunglasses.

The VINZERS Voyager makes you stand out from the crowd with an elegant design and the practical carbon fibre. Check it out now in our webshop!
The Voyager carbon fibre sunglasses protect your eyes from the UV sunbeams, thanks to the UV400 polarized lenses. Check it out now in our webshop.

Unmatched Durability

Carbon fiber has a high temperature tolerance, which is exactly what you want when the sun is shining. No matter how you treat your VINZERS, carbon fiber is scratch, corrosion, and moisture resistant. It absorbs high-energy impacts and will not stretch or bend. It is the perfect material for long lasting sunglasses! No wonder carbon fiber is so popular and widely used by the professionals in the automotive, aerospace and many other industries. That’s why VINZERS dedicates itself to only use the best.

Extremely Lightweight

Carbon fiber replaces heavy metals in vehicles, which makes them lighter, faster and stronger. In the case of VINZERS it makes it a very comfortable material to wear. No longer will your sunglasses leave a footprint or irritation on your skin. Most of the time you won’t even notice that you are wearing sunglasses.

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